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In the Beginning


Conscious, Subconscious or Just Unconscious?


Bad Words…


Our Life – Our Choice…


Scary Stuff


More Scary Stuff




The Sky is Falling…


I’d Rather Live in Fantasyland…


What Once Was…Ain’t No More…


The Rules for Being Human


The "G" Word


Why Me?


Busy, Busy, Busy...


I'm Gettin' Really Torqued!


I Am


A Short Chat with God


Life's an Illusion


Stinky Animals...


Who Me?  Change?  No Way!


It's Good to be Goofy


Spooky Stuff


Trust the System


This Just Ain't Good!


How Stupid Can People Be?


Positive Affirmations




Setting Goals - Things to Think About


It's My Blankey and I'm Keeping It!


How's It Going?


Kill Those Buggies


A Quick Checklist for Improving Your Life


Where You Can Find Sympathy


So Why Are "They" Really Here?


Just Let 'Em Go!


What is Success Anyway?


Don't Give Up!


5 Ways to Lose Those Holiday Blues


30 Ways to be a Butt-Head Boss


Eureka!  I’ve Found It!


Life Gets Teejus, Don’t It?


Are You Stuck?  Consider Changing Your Focus!


A Country Boy’s View on Fashion


Fences Are Us


Look for the Positives


Budgeting Made Easy


Just Thinking


What If We're Not Getting It "Our Way"?


I Have a Headache!




Operatoooor - Number Pleeyazz


Depressed?  It's Gotta All Be Our Parent's Fault!


A Shift in Focus




Gene's Diet Plan


Searching for the Truth


I'm My Own Grandpa!


Just Lookin' Out the Window


The Village Idiot


Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky


Are You Soakin' It Up?


Backin' Off to Move Ahead


Car Bombers Weren't Born to do Bad Things


Are You Just "Going Through the Motions"?


Life's Too Short...


My Pledge


Is God Trying to Tell Us Something?


Where'd It Go?




A Casual Bystander's View of Sports


Intelligent Design Or...


So What's Your World Like?


Self Help Basics


MP What?


Things I Learned Growing Up on the Farm


Stuff I Still Don't Understand


Slower May Actually Be Faster


Riptides, Beagle Eyes and Noodle Soup


What Are Your Triggers?


What Can I Do?


Can a Good Muslim be a Good American?


Feudin' and Fussin' and A-Fightin'


A Letter to All Politicians


As I Get Older


Go Ahead - Waste Some Time


Yucky Faces and Weird Sounds


You're an Idiot!


Which Way is Up?


Stuff I'll Try Not to Do as I Get Older


Your Cat's in My Garden


The Path We Walk


Feng Shui on Hootenholler Ridge


A Quick Reality Check


Are U.S. Gasoline Prices Really All That Bad?


15 Random Thoughts About Life


The Gingham Dress  


Up Yours - 19 Way to Improve Your Self-Esteem 


Report from a Satan


Are You Living within Your Comfort Zone?   


What are You Talking About?  


What's with those Fruit Stickers? 


Deciding on the Best Time of My Life...  


OK, About those E-Mails...  


It's Only Hamburgers  


Geez, I'm Glad I'm a Guy  


Chat Abbreviations for the Older Folks 


11 Steps toward a Happier You  


In My Opinion...  


Let It Go!


11 Way to be Absolutely Miserable 


He is... 


Honey, is this OK to Eat? 


Backyard Land Mines 


Magazines to Which I No Longer Subscribe


Things I'm Crossing Off My Bucket List  


Not So Well-Known Sayings



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Random Thoughts of an Old (Weird) Geezer




From Slightly off the Beaten Path




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