Depressed?  It’s Gotta All Be Our Parents’ Fault!



A newspaper article from the Associated Press a while back reports that scientists say they’ve found a gene (CHRM2) that’s linked to alcoholism and depression. An expert from another organization says that if these preliminary findings hold true that it will provide another “potential target for developing new drugs to treat depression and alcoholism”.


Well, I’m excited now…  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  I’m sure there are many, many people who came into this earthly existence so hard-wired with these tendencies that the proper drug or combination of drugs would be extremely beneficial.  And common sense along with some basic observations over the years has shown that folks from alcoholic families tend to be alcoholic just as people from depressed families tend themselves to be depressed.  Some of the reason of course, is genetics.  We take the cards we’re dealt and play them out the best we can.


However, you can about bet a nickel or two that not all of the 7.9 million alcoholic American adults nor the 18.8 million suffers from depression (stats from the article) will be able to honestly lay the blame for their affliction on their genetics.

We all know that environmental influences - family and everything else we’ve ever experienced - play just as large a role in determining our lifestyles, thought patterns and belief systems.  Permanently overcoming these types of influences though, generally requires behavioral modification, not just physiological intervention.


Unfortunately, over the past few years, the treatment of disorders such as “depression” has followed closely in the footsteps of weight loss.  We humans have naturally tried to take the easiest possible path – the one which requires the least effort on our part.  Take a pill, wear a gadget, and “poof” we’re happy as skunks sucking eggs and skinny as a fence pole to boot.


We all should know that this isn’t necessarily the way life really works.  Sometimes we just gotta bust our behinds to change things around.  Even some of the things that have been influenced by genetics can be successfully combated to a great extent through modifications of our thought patterns – and subsequently of course, our behavior.


A parting thought then I’ll climb down off my soapbox.  (That danged cardboard and Elmer’s glue never has held up for very long anyway.)  If you are one of world’s adults who are burdened with alcoholism (or other addictions) or severe depression, please get professional help now.  Connect with someone or a group of people who can help you learn why you are the way you are today.  There are reasons that are specific to your personal situation that you need to know about so you can make the changes it takes to start to step away from your problem.  And don’t be surprised if some of these changes involve some potentially major modifications in your thought processes.  It’s just a logical part of the healing and personal betterment process.  So just go for it!  Now! There’s a wonderful happy world waiting for you!



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