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Supernatural – paranormal – and things that go bump in the night.  Ghosts gliding through the castle hallways – the sound of footsteps outside the bedroom door – the touch in the middle of the night.  Vases flinging themselves across the room – the voice saying your name when you’re all alone – the smell of perfume in the middle of nowhere.  The vision of your dead loved one by the bed – the medium’s message to you from a friend beyond the grave – the image of a “helper” at your friend's shoulder. 


Holy smokes, there’s a lot of spooky stuff happening, isn’t there?  And realistically, even if only a small percentage of these things can not be attributed to overactive imaginations, stress or other absolutely normal situations, that still leaves one heck of a lot going on that just can’t be explained logically or by using our accepted laws of physics or other sciences.  They are beyond the natural - they are just not normal.  And we don’t know what the heck is happening.


Oh sure, there are a bunch of folks who will say that none of these kinds of things are ever really happening.  It’s just impossible.  If you can’t replicate it or conduct a thorough scientifically- based analysis, then none of this weird stuff can even exist.  Yeah, and just try telling that to the thousands of folks who have experienced one of these “impossible” events.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for science and thorough scientific investigations into the mysteries of life.  Our present life-style is possible because of the efforts of innumerable dedicated scientists.


Remember this though.  At one time, “science” was sure the earth was the center of the universe.  Even a great thinker like Aristotle was certain that the material things in this creation could be categorized into the four basic elements of fire, air, earth and water – and oh yeah, plus one more element of some kind that was in everything and was the only thing in the heavenly bodies “above the moon”.   We know a heck of a lot more now.  (Amazing what you can accomplish in a couple thousand years or so.)  And we’re still learning – and theorizing – about the composition of subatomic material and energy and a whole bunch of other stuff.


There’s a very good chance that someday science will be able to explain many, if not most, of the unexplainable events and situations we’re experiencing or hearing about.  There’s a very good chance that someday the supernatural will become natural and the paranormal will become normal.  Until then however, we have the wonderful opportunity to think about it, to theorize and just have some fun wondering what this weird stuff is all about.  Here are a few of my thoughts. 


If we’re really the product of alien visitors to our plan….no wait – those aren’t my thoughts.  They belong to someone else.  Sorry about that!  Let’s start again.  Ahem…  If we are possibly spiritual entities on a quick trip to this planet from what is commonly referred to as “heaven” to pick up a few smarts by attending the University of Earth, this could help lend a little logic (for me anyway) to some of the illogical occurrences which we’ve been exposed to.  We’ll start with the easy stuff first.


Visions or dreams of departed loved ones to let us know they’re OK.  Sure this could be due to stress or wishful thinking on our part and sometimes that’s probably the case.  I’d bet though, that there is a distinct possibility that the “system” is set up to permit at least an occasional contact or flow of information to us from the spiritual being (our loved one) who has zipped back home – and who in reality is doing just fine.  Why not?  It seems like this would be the kind, considerate thing to do.  And it could help reinforce to us that any love that existed between us here on earth is still as strong as ever.  I think that would be extremely cool!


Visions of “helpers” – ours or those of other folks.  Again, why not?  I’ve suggested all along that we all probably have spiritual mentors, guides or guardian angels assigned to us to help us through this confusing earthly experience.  Just because we can’t see them doesn’t necessarily mean that other folks who are more “tuned in” or have better abilities in this area wouldn’t be able to sense their presence – even through a visual image.


A medium relays a message to us from a departed friend or loved one.  We’re all smart enough to know that this is a great opportunity for a profitable scam.  Gosh, who wouldn’t look forward to the confirmation of continuing love and well-being?  It’s an emotional switch just waiting to be flipped – for a modest fee of course.  I don’t think it would be fair though, to believe that everyone who seems to display the ability of medium – or psychic - is just a con artist.   Because of my foundation spiritual beliefs – including the ability of spiritual entities to communicate with us – I’m willing to go with the possibility of communications through a medium.


Ghostly apparitions, flying objects, knockings and banging doors.  Obviously, many of these events are likely due to over-active imaginations, potent chemicals (legal and illegal), physiological conditions or other completely normal, physical causes.  And yeah, even groups of people can be influenced to “remember” events that might not have occurred exactly as they describe.  We humans are interesting that way.  However... there is a distinct possibility that some of these things may be due to, shall we say, outside influences? 


Again, why not?  If we show up here on earth as confused spiritual creatures, there is a reasonable possibility that things could go down-hill from there.  For some reason upon our death, we might wind up having a major spiritual brain spasm and have no desire – or maybe no clue – on how to get back home and as a result, do a bunch of really weird (and often annoying) things.  Or – maybe we’re part of that strange group of ornery spirits that seems to have a knack of reaching back through the veil just to stir up us earthbound folks. 


You know what I’m referring to, right?  The WeeGee Gang?   If you’ve ever messed with a Ouija board, you should have a good idea of what I’m talking about.  Of course this is completely speculation on my part, but when I’ve been a participant on the board, the movement of the pointer (OK – planchette…) did not seem to be under my conscious control.  And the results – the messages – seemed to be whatever we might be willing to buy into at the time.  As I remember, there was never anything particularly evil or sinister in the messages.  Just a line of bull passed on by “someone” who was being ornery.  (Hmmm, maybe it was me after all…)  At any rate, those were interesting experiences which has led me to wonder if there aren’t at least a few rascals out there – in spiritual form – who delight in making mischief. 


Anyway, I think there is at least a possibility that some of the unexplained apparitions, noises and flying objects may be caused by trapped or mischievous spiritual entities.  There’s obviously no way for any of us to know for sure but it’s sort of fun to think about, huh?


Should we be afraid of any of these unexplained events?   Oh heck no!  My bet is that if any of this can really be directly attributed to an interaction with the spiritual world, it’s going to turn out to be just a regular, normal part of the “system”.  It’s just the way it is.  It’s just the way things work.  No big deal.  One little caution here though.  I would recommend that if we personally are easily led off the beaten path (it’s like believing all the “true” stories we hear about or are exposed to on the Internet) it’s probably not in our best interests to mess with the Ouija board.  It’s not especially evil but it still is not in our best interests to sincerely believe that we’re been in direct contact with Attila the Hun.  Hmmm, wonder what does make that sucker work?  Interesting…


Well dang!  If none of this is really scary, spooky stuff, I need to find something that will pop up some goosebumps.   Guess I’ll just have to check the TV listings for a “reality” show.  That oughtta do it…



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