Sneaky, Sneaky, Sneaky…



I don’t know what else you’d call it.  “Sneaky” is the only word I can think of that best describes the actions of the frequently devious little part of our mind that is commonly referred to as our “subconscious”.  “Sneaky”.  Just plain, out and out sneaky.


Oh, that’s not to say that it always operates in the brat mode.  Far from it.  With the right kind of conditioning – programming, if you will – it can serve us quite nicely.  It can help create a life of happiness and productivity.  An awareness and appreciation for all the good things this earth and its inhabitants have to offer.  It can reinforce our faith in the goodness of people and in the perfection of this great system that we’re a part of.  It can promote kindness toward others and the ability to work through difficult problems without becoming a basket case.  Overall, it can help to make our lives easier and generally quite enjoyable.


However… if given the latitude and opportunity to do so, this wonderful, helpful part of our mind will, in the blink of an eye, lead us down a very rocky road right into the bramble bushes.  How?  Simple – by our just allowing it to happen.


It’s similar to raising kids.  If we neglect to consistently give our children the attention and guidance they need, they’ll get into trouble in a heart-beat.  If we get diverted by the distractions of life and fail to provide a logical combination of love and discipline, they’ll start to follow their own desires – which will sometimes lead them right into a snake-infested swamp.


Our subconscious has a tendency to respond to our neglect in much the same way.  If we allow the negatives of life – personal problems, news of conflicts and catastrophic events, negative input from family and friends, etc. – to lodge in our little brain without making any effort to neutralize them, it won’t be long until we are fed back the message that the “world sucks”.  Additional negatives - including our own words and actions - will tend to reinforce this mistaken belief and before you know it, our personal world – our life – will not be nearly as pleasant as we would like.


The solution?  Take the time, every day if possible, to consciously feed your subconscious with positives.  Count your blessings.  Look for the good things that are happening all around you.  Think about the lessons for you that are likely tucked away in the difficulties that you are presently experiencing.  Think about the opportunities that are presented to you for improving your life.  Take some time out to enjoy the wonders of nature – or some of the great music and literature of this world.  Do something nice for someone.  Spend a little more time at that hobby that you enjoy so much.  Give hugs and encouragement to folks that could use them.  Say “I love you.”  Remember to smile.


By putting out just a little effort to enjoy daily snacks of positive nourishment, we can help assure that our sneaky cranial companion will be better able to provide the thoughts and responses we need to truly enjoy life.  Well worth doing, I’d say.



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