15 Random Thoughts about Life




Gene’s note: the following are simply some quick thoughts taken from an e-mail I wrote to a close friend who had asked for my opinions about life.  You may find them useful…



1. Everything in the universe is energy so… everything is connected.



2. We can to use this "universal" energy in a positive way to benefit ourselves and "the system" or…



3. We can use this energy in a negative way to limit our personal development, effectiveness, happiness, etc. - and also limit our potential contribution to the system.



4. How we think determines - controls... produces…- our personal world.  It determines our accomplishments, successes, development, happiness, etc.



5. Our thoughts create our future.  We accomplish only that which we expect to accomplish.  We are happy only to the extent that we expect to be happy. 



6. Positive thoughts produce positive actions which create positive results.  Negative thoughts produce negative actions which create negative results.



7. Sometimes stuff happens.  Genetic weaknesses produce diseases or other individuals through random acts may negatively impact our lives.  How we think will determine our ability to deal with these situations.



8. We have all the help we will ever need to accomplish those "positive" things we are inclined to do.  Our connection with "the system" through God, angels, guides, universal consciousness - whatever method we choose to use - will provide us with the information, situations and experiences we need.



9. Our main accomplishments in life will be directly related to the things we enjoy doing.



10. Goals are our declaration to "the system" that this is what we will be working toward.  Imaging our goals will help reinforce our intentions and generally, help to accomplish them.



11. Positive affirmations can help... but only if we back them with actions to help us move toward the things we want or expect.



12. Reality check... we won't get everything we ask for or expect.  What we will get is information, experiences, etc. that will benefit us and lead us toward a path most beneficial to us personally.  Other people may not like or appreciate our path.  Oh well... this then, is an opportunity for them to learn.



13. The quality of input into our minds is important.  To live a positive life, we need positive input - from people, literature, music, etc.  Turn off, avoid the negatives.  There will be a point in our development when we will be able to minimize the influence of the negatives.  Still, it's best to try to avoid them.



14. Quiet time in meditation, thinking cool thoughts, prayer, communicating with God, angels, etc. is important.  Try for at least 15 minutes a day.  "Thank you's" for everything - past, present, future - is appropriate and will benefit us.



15. And a final thought... much of what we have learned in life is not necessarily accurate and tends to limit our development and our ability to reach our goals.  Through positive questioning, research, meditation, prayer, “our connections”, etc., we can learn more beneficial ways of thinking.



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