Do you ever have “wow” moments?  You know, those times when your little brain just lights up and sort of quivers from something you’ve just seen or heard or thought about?  I seem to do that a lot.  I don’t know why.  I just do.  And it feels good.


Like this morning.  I was sitting on the couch enjoying my second cup of coffee (it usually takes at least two cups before I can even consider being semi-functional) when I decided to reach back into the old memory bank and do a review of file ACD-22-46857-36-BBA-57.2941.  That’s the BFS (Brain Filing System) designation for the “I’m Alive” file.  Well as it turned out, I accessed the sub-category BBQ file designated “Memory – Steak Sacrifice – 7-14-73” which wasn’t all that pleasant to recall primarily because in the process of charcoaling the steaks, I tipped over the barbeque and caught the lounge chair on fire.  It wasn’t a good experience.  I wish I wouldn’t have accessed that one.


After making a minor correction to the file designation, I was able to retrieve the one I was hoping for.  I also decided to bring up the associated files on “Awe”, “Amazement” and “Thanksgiving”.  It seemed to be a logical package to me.


I like to review this file periodically.  It has never failed to give me a pronounced case of brain quivers.  Here’s why.  First, I find it absolutely incomprehensible that I could exist as a living, breathing, semi-functional animal-type organism.  I’m alive – right here, right now - on this insignificant planet we call earth.  I think about how I started out as a single cell – a tiny speck you can’t even see – and grew all of the other jillion cells and body parts out of that.  I am.  WOW!


As a result, I can eat, think, stand, scratch an itch and do thousands of things even the best and most complicated computers can’t do.  I can communicate with other creatures like myself – sometimes with even an acceptable level of mutual understanding (teenagers excepted).  I can see, hear, taste, smell and feel.  OK, so I don’t do any of that as well as I used to but what the heck, I’m starting to wear out a bit.  Oh yeah, we do that too, don’t we?  Wear out, that is.  And then someday I won’t be here any more.  This old bod will revert back to its basic molecules. 


Gosh.  I wasn’t here for a long, long time.  Now I am for just a short time.  Then – I won’t be again.  WOW!  Brain quiver!


Since I’m only gonna be here for a short time, I wonder if there isn’t something I should be doing to sort of say “Thanks” and make a little contribution to this neat world I live in.  I know.  Maybe I could write a short article about being alive.  Yeah.  I’ll do that.  I think I’ll title it “WOW”.   Now if I could just think of a way to start it out…



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