Riptides, Beagle Eyes and Noodle Soup




First, my sincere apologies to those of you who expect these articles to make a little sense at least some of the time.  But frankly, I just got an urge to purge.  I guess it could be likened to one of those stream of consciousness things.  You know, when you write down whatever pops into your mind just to see what you wind up with.  Sometimes from what I understand, we can get good insights into ourselves or maybe a project or problem we’re working on.  Sometimes…


Now I know there is a reason for everything I wrote.  There is some memory, emotion or significance tied to the words below.  In reading it over, I can see connections in some cases while there are others that I really have to stretch the imagination to come up with anything half-way logical.  But maybe that’s the real advantage in doing this in the first place.  It not only is fun and feels good (well, to me anyway) but it gives me one more chance to exercise the old gray matter and perhaps explore some new territory.  That makes it worth doing.  You might consider giving it a try sometime.  You never know what cool (or even weird) thoughts might pop out. 



Brain Purge – Ahhhhh….



Riptides, beagle eyes and noodle soup,

Panda pants, blue-eyed ants and pigeon poop.

Once around, up and down, angel wings,

Fancy pails, tiger tails and pretty things.



Rock and roll, black top mole and real cool cash,

Zippers down, worried frown and Titian clash.

Boppin’ blue, Memphis zoo and picky pock,

Orphaned whale, go to jail and ticky tock.



Up at noon, way too soon and blue suede shoes,

Cows around, lost is found and singing blues.

Clouds arollin’, we’re a’strollin’, and wiser now,

Rocky shore, birds galore and one-eared sow.



Can’t forget, stranger yet, and ice cream cone,

Water fall, standing tall and not alone.

Monkey nose, garden hose and coral reef,

Summer yard, cookin’ lard and corn-fed beef.



Coyotes chill, whippoorwill, and green rock slime.

Friends ahead, sunset red and makin’ time.

French roast cat (fancy that) and blue-green ooze.

Snipper snaps, winter caps and a pm snooze.



Somethin’s cool, family jewel and bright red car,

Up to good, Robin Hood and Mason jar.

Bikin’ out, sauerkraut and eagle eggs,

Stackin’ zee’s, sugar please and hot frog legs.



Plate of soup, old age droop and Tinker Bell,

Flat as can, old grey van and wishing well.

Rubber hose, up your nose and silver winks,

Fishes tail, coyotes wail and kitchen sinks.



Hornet’s nest, strider’s best and booming cheer,

Goofy globs, stifled sobs and good cold beer.

Camel’s eye, longing sigh and bird’s a’chirpin’,

Finger smile, longest mile and chickens burpin’.



Rocky road, horny toad and piece of ham,

Underwear, ragged tear and Sam I Am.

Can’t remember, last September and mossy shore,

Figure three, old pine tree and much, much more.



Happy nose, itchy toes and mossy stream,

Sittin’ still, bright orange pill and hunter’s dream.

Neon light, candle bright and pastel blue,

Nose of clown, deserted town and lost left shoe.



Moon is up, old cracked cup and dresser scarf,

Handle bars, winter stars and doggy barf.

Foreign words, steaming turds and around the bend,

Skeeter bites, desert nights and now the end.



(Maybe I should just chalk all this up to excess caffeine consumption…?)




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