A Quick Reality Check



For some time now, I’ve been studying, thinking about, and writing books and articles on some of the things we can do to help make our lives better and a bit more enjoyable.  Most of the information I’ve provided is fairly decent and if put to use, is likely to help us make at least some improvements in our lifestyles.  That’s all well and good but realistically, other than perhaps an isolated instance or two where what I’ve written may be a small motivating influence for someone to try to kick an addiction or divert from a self-destructive path, most of it is simply icing for an already-baked cake.  It is basically only a tweak to improve a life path that is presently pretty damned good.



Not too sure about that?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself...



Do you normally fall asleep at night in huddled in a doorway, cardboard box or in a flimsy tarpaulin shelter?


Has it been more than three days since you’ve had anything to eat?


Are you able to carry all of your possessions in a container the size of a grocery bag?


Has half your family been killed by AIDS?


Did you watch your youngest child die from starvation or diarrhea?


Did a bomb destroy the only home you’ve ever known?


Do you have to walk a mile just to get a pail of water to use for cooking?


Has it been at least a month since you’ve had a bath or shower?


Was your oldest daughter kidnapped by rebels?


Have you watched as a family member was disemboweled in front of you?


Have you had your legs shredded by a land mine?


Do you find yourself hoping to find a pair of discarded sandals or shoes just so you’ll have something on your feet besides rags?


Do you have to travel for days just to see a doctor?


Have you lost track of close family members in a move to a refugee camp?


Do you normally spend most of the day searching for firewood so you can produce heat for cooking and warmth?


Have you recently lost several family members or friends because of earthquakes, mudslides, floods or other natural disasters?


Do you commonly hear gunshots at night and sometimes wonder if you’ll live to see the morning?


Do you ever have to wonder what it would be like to be able to read or write a letter?


Do you have to worry about being imprisoned or killed for simply stating your opinion?


When you are able to find work, are you paid less than 25 cents a day?


Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work with numbers – to know how to multiply and divide?


Do you need to be careful not to be seen talking with the wrong person?


Are you required to pay protection money or provide sexual favors to keep from getting killed?


Are you awakened at night by the nightmarish memories of the terrors you’ve experienced?



Mostly “no” answers, huh?


Unfortunately, there are millions of people on this earth who are now suffering physically, mentally and emotionally because of situations or events in their lives over which they have very little control.  The rest of us have it made.  Let’s quit whining, count our blessings and move on.  And - let’s try to find the time or the means to do at least one small thing to help those less fortunate.  I’m sure they would appreciate it.




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