As I Get Older…



As I get older, I find that there are a hell of a lot of positives associated with aging.  Sure, there are some drawbacks too, but at this point in my life, they’re fairly minor.  Here are some of the things I’m seeing as I cruise into my slightly tarnished “golden years”:



I am concerned less and less about what others think of me.  I no longer feel the need to conform to society’s norms or to try to impress anyone with anything I do or say.


I am more inclined to honestly express my opinions, being mindful at the same time of the right of others to hold a completely different point of view.


I have a greater appreciation for nature and all the beauty that surrounds me.


I am less inclined to believe what others tell me or take as fact everything I read or see on television.


I like people – all kinds, sizes and shapes of people – more than I used to.


I don’t care if I end a sentence with a preposition.


There are many, many more pretty ladies in this world than ever before.


I have a diminishing desire to watch the evening news or hear about the bad things that are happening in this world.


I have a tendency when I see children, to wonder about their future and hope for the best for them.


I feel comfortable skipping through Wal-Mart and acting silly.


I am more likely to make funny noises whenever I sit down, stand up or bend over.


I enjoy more petting dogs and cats and try to do it as often as possible.


I have less of a desire to accumulate “things” – to buy the newest gadget or thing-a-m’bob.


I often take naps without planning to do so.


I have more of a tendency to purchase CD’s of the old songs or DVD’s of the old TV shows that I used to enjoy.  And no, not the “Brady Bunch”…


I am less apt to hurry – at anything.


I find myself pausing more often on my walks to watch the squirrels playing or admire the wildflower growing through a crack in the sidewalk.


I am more likely to actually hear the evening sounds of the cicadas and tree frogs.


I check the weather forecast more often.


I take more time to eat my snacks or meals and actually enjoy the taste of the things that are going into my mouth.


I am moving ever closer to mastering the art of maintaining flexible priorities.  (Some people refer to this as procrastination.  I think that’s unkind…)


I am less impressed by people in positions of authority or by celebrities.  I am more impressed by “average folks” who just show up for life and do what they do to make life better for themselves and others.


I am more thankful for the things I do have and less concerned about the things I don’t.


I am having more difficultly understanding popular song lyrics and wonder how people can listen to some of that crap anyway.


I am able to easily find my way to the bathroom and back to bed in the middle of the night without really waking up.


That the days pass more slowly and the months pass more quickly than they used to.


I have more of a tendency to become distracted and will sometimes begin a new task before I





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