Report from a Satan




Satan: A long, long time ago, a satan was a considered to be a member of the “divine court” whose main job was to snoop around earth and report back to the super powers on us humans.


Dated:  9347-22-76997834



Dear Supreme One…


First of all, I’d like to apologize sincerely for my past actions.  Even though I thought it was hilarious at the time, I’d like to express my deep regret for ever even considering that it would be funny to sneak pictures of naked female humans into your PowerPoint presentation to the Exalted Leaders.  I should have realized that Zork would be personally offended – considering his unpleasant experiences in that form here on Earth in the 3200’s.  I’m very aware of the effects of the negative publicity that resulted and am sincerely sorry for the conflicts and discomfort my thoughtless act created for you.


Having said that, here’s my report on the status of things on Planet X31562443.3.




*When I wrote the above intro well over two years ago, my intent was to launch into some of the details related to how screwed up we humans are.  How we continue to kill each other for really stupid reasons, how we argue and fight, how we are so unkind to each other and even how we bicker over dumb things like what religion is the “true” religion.  I have come back to this at least a couple of dozen times and each time, I wound up writing, deleting, writing, deleting and developing a severe case of writer’s frustration.


I’ve thought about the reasons for this and have decided that there may be a couple of them.  One, I either haven’t had nearly enough coffee or two, I find it really, really difficult to concentrate enough on the negatives of life to devote a complete article to them.


Thank goodness!


No, I don’t mean the coffee.  I mean that I honestly have a lot of trouble focusing on the negatives.  It’s not that they make me feel bad or down or anything like that.  It’s just not what I am.  And I can’t write about something that is not “me”.


Over the years, I have managed to re-program my little brain to focus on the positives in my life and in our world.  To look for the good things – and to expect good things to happen.  And no, I’m not blindly skipping through life with my head in the sand or anywhere else you might think of.  Bad, uncomfortable and yucky things ARE happening all around us.  That’s just the way it is.


Unfortunately though, these yucky things normally command most of our attention.  They sell magazines and newspapers.  They grab our attention on the TV and radio.  They activate our “oh, no…” response.  And that’s too bad because there’s a hell of a lot more happening on the face of this old planet than the doom and gloom we are bombarded with.


So instead of elaborating on all of the bad things that are going on all around us, I’ll just suggest that we all take five minutes to search out some of the good stuff.  Count your blessings, think about some of the good things that have happened to you, read an uplifting article, listen to an upbeat song, do something – anything – that will help reinforce that this is a beautiful world filled with caring, loving people.  You might even consider doing this again tomorrow – and maybe the day after that.


I think I’m ready for another cup of coffee now…



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