Just Thinking…



…about thinking.  Have you ever thought of that?  Thinking about thinking I mean.  How do we do that?  We humans are absolutely amazing.  Heck, I think I could even think about thinking about thinking.  Wow!  I wonder if… nah, I’ll let it go at that…


But it is pretty amazing, isn’t it?  How we can do so many neat, creative things with our minds?  We can think about anything we want to.  Want to think about an elephant – see an elephant in your head?  All we need to do is just let it happen.  Hardly any effort at all.  In fact, no effort at all when you get right down to it.  We don’t need to eat any special diet.  We don’t need to do warm-ups.  We don’t need to take classes on how to think about an elephant.  If we’ve seen an elephant – real or in pictures – just once with our eyes, we can see it again in our head.  Wow!


What else do you want to think about?  OK guys and gals – go ahead.  After all it’s your thoughts in your head.  Short pause for purposes of full enjoyment ……………… Neat, huh?  (And yeah, I DO know what you were thinking about…)


What else?  Aw, come on – there must be something else you’d like to think about.  Seriously, we can’t think about that other stuff all the time.  Why?  Because we’d hurt ourselves, that’s why.  We’d be falling off the couch, walking into walls and crashing into other cars.  Actually, it’s good that our thinkers sort of go on automatic pilot sometimes.  Like when we’re actually trying to accomplish something like walking or driving.  Or maybe eating.  It’s good that we don’t have to think about breathing either.  Most of us would forget to do it.  Why?  Well, probably because we would be thinking about that “other stuff”.  Know what I mean?


What else?  I know.  How about going on a thinking vacation?  Pick where you want to go.  Well… go there – in your head, I mean.  Do whatever you want to do.  See what you want to see.  Be with whoever you want to be with.  Would it work better if I moved that last sentence back to just before the “Do whatever…” one?  OK, help yourself.  Better now?  (Man, we’re never going to move very far away from that “other stuff”, are we?)


What else?  No, you don’t need a pause here.  You can go back to your personal thinking “vacation” later – in fact, any time you want.  We’ll just move on.


Here’s a suggestion.  Since this thinking stuff is pretty cool, why don’t you make it a point to set aside some time for you every day to do just that?  To just kick back and think.  You can think about thinking if you want.  Or you can think about your personal vacation.  Or yeah, you can think about the “other stuff” too, if you want.  Anything you want to think about.  You might even try thinking about who you are and how you got to be where you are and what you’d like to accomplish as you cruise on down life’s road.  What the heck – give it a shot.  You never know what you might come up with.  Maybe it could turn out to be something really special.  You just never know…


Think about it…


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