Up Yours - 19 Ways to Improve Your Self-Esteem






1. Know that there is only one of you in this whole world – and that makes you special.


2. Realize that you have special interests and abilities possessed by no one else.


3. Because of your special abilities, you will be able to help at least one other person during your lifetime – and likely many more.  That’s a very, very good thing.





1. Accomplish at least one thing each day.

It doesn’t need to be a big thing – just something that you can look back on at the end of the day and say “I did it!”


2. Be conscious of how you look.

Take a minute to check your personal appearance.  Looking good – clean and reasonably neat – at least at the beginning of your day will help you feel better about yourself.  Really…


3. Pay attention to how you walk.

Holding your head up and walking with a “purposeful” step (not shuffling or dragging your feet) will help make your day a little better.


4. Smile more.

Your smile is bound to brighten someone’s day – especially yours.  Make it a point to smile occasionally at people you don’t know.  It can be a welcome change from life’s seriousness.


5. Help someone.

It doesn’t need to be a major effort or involve a humungous project.  Just opening a door for someone or letting another person go before you in a line counts in a big way.


6. Say “Thank you” a little more often.

We all know that “thank you’s” are the best, quickest way to express our appreciation when someone does something nice for us.  Too often though, we tend to minimize the positive impact of personal compliments by talking way too much.  Just say “thank you” and enjoy the kind words.


7. Learn something new.

No, it doesn’t make any difference what it is.  Pick something you’re interested in and find out more about it.  Learning “how to” anything can be especially beneficial.


8. Forgive and forget.

Forgiving others – and ourselves – for past blunders or misunderstandings (real or perceived) is a big step in a good direction.  Then forget it.  It’s time to move on.


9. Live in the “Now”.

Now is the only real time is our lives.  Yesterday is gone and tomorrow has yet to be.  Enjoy “Now”…


10. Stop trying.

“I’ll try to… (fill in whatever you want)… “ is commonly a prelude to failure – and of course, one more way to feel badly because we didn’t succeed at something.  Consider switching to “I’ll do my best…”  because whatever your best is at that particular moment is just fine.


11. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

That’s just not a fair thing to do.  You are not like anyone else.  Comparing your abilities, interests, knowledge, actions, appearance, house, car, dog, spouse, etc. to anyone else is a quick path to a feeling of inferiority or inadequacy.  It’s OK to have a role model or even to some extent, emulate the actions of those you admire.  But don’t compare – don’t try to be them.  It can’t happen.


12. Quit whining.

Whining or complaining about our personal problems or discomforts tends to reinforce to us how badly our life is going – and how inadequate we are for being in the situation in the first place.  The only way to solve a problem – to move from discomfort to comfort – is to identify the real problem (it may only be a personal perception thing), determine what actions we should take and just do what we need to do.


13. Make a gratitude check.

No matter who you are, there is something in your life to be thankful for – and usually many things.  Remember them.  Think about them.  And be thankful.


14. Develop a positive approach to life.

Look for the positives – the good things in life.  Focus on them.  Shy away from information, entertainment, TV programs, web sites, people, etc. that tend to make you feel down.  Positive inputs of all kinds will help you feel better about yourself.


15. Develop your spiritual connections.

I firmly believe that we are all a small part of a “something” much larger than ourselves – that there is an overriding intelligence and wisdom behind all that we see and experience.  Learning more about our possible relationship with the spiritual side of our being can be a rewarding, uplifting experience.


16. Look for the Love.

I also believe that love is the basis for our existence – that we are products of this love and that one of our main reasons for our being is to know and experience love.  We are all loved – completely and unconditionally.  It’s good to know that.




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