Are U. S. Gasoline Prices Really All that Bad?




With U.S. retail gasoline prices “going through the roof”, would it help if we took a minute to look at gas prices in a few other countries?  These are the latest average prices I could find for Premium gasoline as of May 14, 2007.**



France                                    $6.72 per gallon



Italy                                          $6.73 per gallon



Belgium                                  $6.77 per gallon



Germany                                $7.08 per gallon



United Kingdom                    $7.12 per gallon



Netherlands                           $7.75 per gallon



U.S.                                         $3.28 per gallon




Feeling better yet?  Not really, huh?  OK, to perhaps help put our current U.S. gasoline prices in perspective, here are the prices we are paying (as of 5/22/07) per gallon for various products available in our local Wal-Mart…



V8 Vegetable Juice

1.36 L for $2.04                     $5.68 per gallon



Minute Maid Premium Orange Juice

One-half gallon for $2.98      $5.96 per gallon



Tropicana Cranberry Cocktail

1.75 L for $3.14                     $6.80 per gallon



Nesquik Chocolate Milk

1 pt for $1.14                         $9.12 per gallon



Kingsford Charcoal Lighter

2 qt for $5.47                         $10.94 per gallon



Windex Glass Cleaner

1 qt for $2.92                         $11.68 per gallon



Schweppes Tonic Water

1 L for $3.75                          $14.21 per gallon



Wish-Bone Italian Dressing

709 ml for $2.88                    $15.39 per gallon



Listerine Mouthwash

1.5 L for $7.32                       $18.49 per gallon



Bertolli Extra Light Olive Oil

500 ml for $6.68                    $50.61 per gallon



Vicks NyQuil

295 ml for $5.87                    $75.35 per gallon



Old English Scratch Cover

236 ml for $4.81                    $77.21 per gallon



Off! Deep Woods Insect Repellant

266 ml for $6.62                    $94.30 per gallon



Absolut Vodka

750 ml for $18.75                  $94.70 per gallon



Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey

750 ml for $21.67                  $109.44 per gallon



Banana Boat Tanning Oil

236 ml for $ 6.89                   $110.59 per gallon



Bic Wite-Out

22 ml for $1.37                      $236.21 per gallon



Drakkar Noir “Natural Spray” (masculine fragrance by Guy Laroche)

100 ml for $41.96                  $1,589.39 per gallon




Feeling MUCH better now?  Nah, me neither.  Of course, I can remember when gasoline was 23.9 cents a gallon.  And yes, that does make me really, really old.  Let’s just forget I ever mentioned it… 



**Fuel prices taken from the Energy Information Administration at: 




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