So What’s Your World Like?




I know, this sounds like a question we could be asked by an inter-galactic traveler and even though I’ve been accused by various acquaintances and friends of being an extraterrestrial alien, I’m just a fellow earth traveler who is being snoopy.  So if I’m a co-inhabitant of this old planet earth – and should be well aware of what the heck is happening in the world – why am I asking such a stupid question?  Well first, because I can and second, just because we’re hanging out on the same planet, it doesn’t mean that our “worlds” are in the least bit alike.


Oh sure, when we look at the big picture, we all see the same continents, oceans, nations (even though I’m completely at a loss to remember the names and locations of the smaller guys in Africa or Asia), conflicts and disasters.  And yeah, most of us live on some type of land form, breathe essentially the same composition of air and hang around at least a couple of other human-type creatures.  Things get really different after that though, don’t they?


So different in fact, that I can guarantee you with one hundred percent certainty that there’s not one other person on the face of the earth who shares my parents (for some reason they decided to quit with the reproduction stuff just after I showed up), and who has had exactly the same experiences, conversations, classes, jobs, friends, thoughts, etc. that I have.   My genetics coupled with every single one of my life experiences – including the things that I’m doing right now – have built my world.  Mine!  I live in Gene’s world.  Simple as that.


I like my world.  It’s filled with good people, happiness, laughter, goofiness, creativity, beauty, love, curiosity, and a whole pile of other absolutely wonderful things.  Sure, it has its challenges too, but other than being an occasional pain in the butt, they help pry me away from the computer toward one more potential learning experience.  Truthfully, sometimes the learning is nothing more than a reinforcement of how valuable knowledge really is - which translated means it costs a lot to have a furnace or a vehicle repaired.  Learning can come in many forms…


So back to the original question, what’s your world like?  I hope that in some respects, it’s at least similar to mine – filled with love, laughter and happiness at the very least.  Do you like your world?  I certainly hope so because after all, you created it.  Your experiences helped to shape your present thought patterns – your perspective of life.  This has in turn prompted you to do what you now do, to act as you now act, to enjoy your life to the extent that you presently do.


If there are some things you don’t particularly like about your world, why don’t you see if you can change it?  You can really do that you know.  Just realizing that none of us is “stuck” in our present situation is the very first step toward making a change to something better.  So what would you like to do differently?  How would you like your world to look?  Think about it.  Create a mental image of your new world and just go for it.  Don’t wait – start now…




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