Life’s Too Short…



….to take it very seriously.  And for the sake of those who are in the process of addressing a really crappy situation right now, let me add the words “all the time”.  OK?  Yes, there are times we all need to buckle down and do those things we need to do and perhaps face obstacles to our financial, physical or emotional well-being.  Stuff happens and we just gotta take care of it.  If you’re in one of “those” situations right now, you might want to refer back to some of the previous articles to refresh the old memory bank on why some of this may be happening and some possible ways to work through it.


But Leapin’ Lizards, Sandy (and recognizing the source of those last three words definitely substantiates your esteemed status as a member of the OFC – “Old Fart’s Club”), some folks even in decent overall conditions seem to put entirely too much effort into displaying and even reinforcing the seriousness of life.  Sometimes these are folks who are just programmed to focus on all of the negatives that surround them – and of course, to them life appears to be an ever deepening cesspool of darkness and despair.  Eeeewwww – what a yucky way to go through life!


Then there are other folks who have been led to believe that just because they have a rather serious job (as in being responsible for the well-being of a company, governmental agency, other folks’ safety, security or health), that this also requires them to continually wear a serious face and speak serious words.  Nah, this doesn’t apply to all of these types of people of course.  I’ve known a few “higher-ups” who were a real hoot to be around. 


If you find yourself taking things a bit too seriously – whatever the reason – here are a few suggestions that might help:


First, for those folks who are facing a truly serious situation – if you haven’t already done so, please get help now!  Use whatever resources, organizations and people you can find to help alleviate the situation or at least provide comfort in helping you face whatever it is you’re facing.  No matter what you’ve read or heard to the contrary, the world is populated with millions of kind, loving, caring people who are available to do whatever they can to make your situation better or more comfortable.  My personal belief too, is that we all have access to a Higher Power that is available to help us through the most difficult of circumstances.  Personally, I’d tend to put that at the top of my resource list.


For the rest of us – it’s time to fluff up, chill out and start enjoying this silly world.  My suggestion would be to start with yourself.  You know the phrase “enjoy yourself”?  Without extrapolating to an extreme here, I am convinced that we can each personally be a wonderful source of our own amusement.  My bet is that each one of us – no matter how well educated or socially adept we are – will do at least a couple of stupid (or silly) things every day.  Well gosh, these ought to be worth at least a couple of chuckles.  Then if we spend a part of our day with someone else, there’s a good chance that we’ll experience (or maybe even participate in) one of their acts of silliness.  A trip to the mall, airport, sporting event, social gathering, etc. should provide enough goofy sights/sounds to satisfy our tickle spots for a week or more.


Don’t forget to tune into the rest of nature.  Animals and birds have a wonderful ability to do weird things.  Maybe not to the extent of us humans – but pretty silly nonetheless.   And there are always strange looking trees and plants – or rock formations.  Let your imagination wander.  Look for nature’s inadvertent obscenities.   Wonder how an underwater frog burp sounds to another frog.  The possibilities are unlimited…


Newspapers, magazines and TV are overflowing with silliness once you get past the doom and gloom stuff.  Watch how emotionally descriptive words are used to increase the impact of a mediocre story (as in “near tragic” event).  See how the little kids in adult bodies fuss over the strangest crap – frequently in a court of law.  Find out who’s humping who in Hollywood and wonder why anyone would even care other than the humper and the humpee.  And check out all those wonderful ads!  Why, just today I was able to project a $273.22 savings at one store alone.  I’m expecting to see it in my checking account tomorrow.  And how many number one brands of toothpaste or detergent are there in this world anyway?  You get my drift…


What a wonderful, silly world!  Let’s all do our share by making certain that we each do at least one silly thing each day.  Maybe I just did!  Cool…



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