Car Bombers Weren’t Born to do Bad Things



Just what the hell would ever lead anyone in their right mind to plop their butts into a vehicle loaded with explosives with the express intent of driving it to a specific location to detonate it and turn themselves into red mist?  Why in the world would anyone ever strap explosives on their body so they could kill themselves and anyone who was nearby?  What kind of deranged mind would lead a person to build a bomb that could be left in a subway or on a bus?  Why the hell do people do these kinds of things?


Well, because they are absolutely, totally, completely, 100 percent convinced that they are doing the right thing!  They have been led to believe that by doing these things they will be performing a wonderful, admirable act.  They will be “furthering the cause”, helping to defeat the “bad guys”, following the desires of a “supreme leader” and as an added bonus, they may even get to mess around with a bunch of virgins in the next life.  Hey, tossing in a little sensual incentive is not necessarily a poor motivational technique.


So have these perpetrators of destruction been the recipients of good, accurate information?  Of course not.  Do these “bad guys” know that?  Again, of course not.  They have been provided the information that other people wanted them to have – for any number of reasons.  And the “bad guys” bought into it.  Totally.  They have been programmed over months and years to accept erroneous information as being fact.  As being the “real” truth.  As a result, they have been led to perform absolutely atrocious acts against their fellow man.  That sucks!


So how does this apply to us personally?  Well, hopefully never by being exposed either directly or indirectly to the acts of these misguided individuals.  Apart from that however, this sequence of mental conditioning should prompt us to more closely examine our own thoughts and personal beliefs.  Look around.  Can you see groups or individuals who are buying into concepts that may be questionable (not necessarily destructive) – or may encourage actions that could produce less than totally beneficial results.  What about you?  Is there a chance that some of the information you’ve received in your lifetime is prompting you to act in ways that may life-limiting and not necessarily be in your best interests?


At this point in my life, I am fairly well convinced that life is filled with not nearly as many “truths” as it is possibilities.  It hasn’t been all that long ago that we humans “knew” the world was flat.  Some of us “knew” the Indians of the New World were nothing but savages.  Many of us “knew” computers were too big and too expensive to ever be of much value to the average home or office.  And of course, we once knew that it would be absolutely ridiculous to even think that man could ever walk on the moon.  We are so silly!


I suggest that it would be beneficial to all of us, if we were to take a little more time to look at our own beliefs – our personal “truths”.  Are there other “possibilities” out there?  Are there other ways of thinking that might be better or more logical?  That could be more beneficial to ourselves and those around us?  I think it’s worth taking the time to find out.  At least give it a try.  You may be pleasantly surprised at the results…



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