Your Cat’s in My Garden






“Good morning…”


“This is Mrs. Olsen.  You need to come get your cat out of my garden!”


“Excuse me?”


“I said, you need to come get your cat out of my garden.  I don’t want him crapping all over the place!”


“I’m afraid you’re mistake…”


“I want him out now!”


“But we don’t have a cat.”


“Don’t lie to me!  I know it’s your cat and I want him out of my garden!”


“Seriously, we have a dog but we don’t have a cat.”


“Yes you do – and it’s in my garden and I want him out of there!”


“Ma’am… we do NOT own a cat!”


Damnit!  I just hate people like you!”




Poor Mrs. Olsen.  I don’t know if she was just so frustrated by a cat being in her garden that she dialed the wrong number and didn’t realize it – or if she really believed that it honestly was our cat.  Whatever the reason, it was never mentioned again.


This event really did happen many years ago but I’ve never forgotten it.  It’s not that I’m still holding anything against Mrs. Olsen for being a butt-head.  No, I’ve remembered the situation because it provided a very good lesson.  The lesson is this.  We should never be so sure that what we believe is fact – the absolute one hundred percent truth – that we close our minds to all other possible explanations.


Our “truths” are nothing more than our personal opinions - our perceptions and interpretations of situations, events or information that we have accumulated over the years.  They may bear some resemblance to reality (if there is such a thing…) or they may not.


One of the nicest things we can do for ourselves as we go through life is to keep an open mind about the information and events that we are exposed to.  Listen to the other side of the story, look for alternative explanations and try to understand the reasoning for another’s perceptions and opinions.  Develop a willingness to replace or modify those personal “truths” that are no longer useful or beneficial to you.  Doing this will help each of us grow as a person, as a spiritual being and as a member of society.  Cool…




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