The Path of Appreciation
 by: Selena Richardson


Without appreciation, any success you have will be in vain and worthless. Yes, you would have accomplished your goals but it would be an empty win.


How do you start on the path of appreciation? Acknowledge and give thanks for what you already have, the good and the bad alike. For the bad things and situations in your life reveal contrasts and life lessons that you were meant to learn.


Where does the path of appreciation lead? To your dreams coming true.


You want to lose weight but you don't love and appreciate the body image you have now. Sure it's not what you want it to look like but it's still your body and it still does most if not all of the things that your 'ideal body' could do.


How can you expect to get anywhere without appreciating where you're at now and where you've been? You want to surpass where you're at now but you still need to take a step back to remember and appreciate how you got to where you are today.


You want a brand new car yet do you appreciate the one you have now? True it's not up to standards when compared to newer models. It might have a few scratches here and there but it still runs right? And doesn't it faithfully get you back and forth from point A to point B? Of course it's not the prettiest ride on the block but you can ride around the block in it and then some right?

Appreciating what you have now can open doors to receiving so much more.


You have a goal of starting your own business from home and making enough money to support yourself and your family. You would like to get away from relying on someone else to sign your paycheck. That's a common goal shared by many. If you're constantly clamoring for the end result, the extra income, without appreciating what you already have the only thing you'll gain is worry and fear. Worrying about making ends meet and fearing that you won't succeed with your business venture.


What you need to do is sit back for a moment and try to recall a time when your basic needs weren't met. There may have been times that were harder than others but weren't you always taken care of in one way or another? If you focus too hard on the future and what might happen you'll lose sight of those moments that are happening right now. Those moments could be some of the most remarkable ones of your life. So shouldn't you change your focus a little and appreciate where you're at now?


The path of appreciation always leads to the path of success.


About The Author


Selena Richardson is the editor of Creation Daily, a free motivational ezine delivered five days a week. Are you ready to create your journey in life? If so, subscribe or visit for more information




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