Check Your Frequency
 by: Selena Richardson


From time to time we need to stop during our day to keep our frequency in check. Our frequencies are the ranges of feelings and emotions that we have. Like radio waves, our feelings and emotions vibrate at different frequencies. This is a major part of how we create our reality. And why we need to always be mindful of the frequencies we're emitting.


Like attracts like and opposites repel. And there is no such thing as coincidence. When something happens to you that seems like a coincidence it's not. You were just in sync with your vibrations at that time.


You're at a music store looking for an old CD and right when you're about to give up you happen to look in a different section for something else. What you find is the CD that you were originally looking for.


If your frequency is low you attract more low frequency events in your life. Remember that there is no such thing as coincidence. For example, you wake up in a bad mood and throughout the day nothing goes right for you. As soon as you get to work, the parking lot is full so you have to park in the garage that's a block away. What’s worse, it starts pouring down rain and you don't have an umbrella with you. Okay, that's a little drastic but you get the point.


We've all had those bad days that went from bad to worse every chance it could. But how do you prevent situations like this? Well you need to keep your frequency in check. Remember, like attracts like so if your frequency is low you get more of the same until you change it. You need to pay attention to yourself and realize when your frequency has hit a low point.


Well how do you bring your vibration back up? By changing the station. Frequencies and feelings are like radio waves, if you don't like what’s on then change it. Switch your thoughts and feelings to something that can bring your vibration back up. Find something that makes you feel good. It can be anything that makes you feel good just by thinking about it - favorite memories, favorite songs, favorite people - anything as long as it makes you feel good.


Picture your favorite thought as a different radio station that you can flip to whenever you notice your frequency going down. The same way you would change the station in your car if you didn't like the song that was playing. It's as simple as that.


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