Embracing Your Wildness
 by: Sibyl McLendon


As small children, we were all wild. Not unlike the wolf pup in the den, we ran when we felt like it, sniffed or tasted things to see what they were, yelled when the mood struck us and danced at the drop of a hat. We loved to dig in the earth, heave a rock into a pool, roll and tumble on the ground and run naked whenever we could. We loved ourselves and we loved our bodies. We knew no fear.


Of course, we were also taught to give that all up. “Act your age!” “Don’t be such a wild thing!” our parents told us. Grow UP. The list of unacceptable behaviors got longer and longer, until the wild part of us just went to sleep.


But the wildness is still inside of us, and we all need to make the connection to it to be a whole, happy person. It is there for a reason, and when we can find it, wake it up and make it a working part of our psyche, we are all the better for it.


The wildness holds our deeper intuition. That sniffing and tasting to discover what a thing was… it kept us out of a lot of harmful situations! We knew instinctively when something or someone should be avoided. As small children, that instinct was not fully developed, of course, but as adults we can use that wildness to guide us in ways that we need. When we allow our wild side to remain buried and asleep we are a lot more likely to blunder into situations and relationships that are not good for us!


The wildness allowed us to have fun and to connect to the rhythms of the universe at lot more easily. We can all use a good roll on the ground from time to time. A good long howl at the moon when we are sad can really go a long way to making us feel better. Heaving a rock into a pool is very therapeutic when angry.


Women especially have lost that wild nature. They complain long and hard about men being so free with their bodily functions, and the fact that they are acting like “little boys” all the time. Well, ladies, I strongly suggest that you give it a try! Women need to let go of all the civilization once in awhile. We have had all the wildness bred out of us, and it is unhealthy! Many women feel a yearning as they grow older to dig in the earth (gardening), act a little silly or wild from time to time, and yet they are so frightened… what will the neighbors (mates, parents, friends, strangers) think?


Ha! Who cares? I would rather be known as that sort of strange lady who lives down the block than I would be frustrated and pent-up. No chemical hair dye and plastic surgery for me.


An excellent book about this is “Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. I have a sort of goal to get every woman on earth to read this book! Cast off your pantyhose and dance… let loose the wildness and howl at the moon! You have nothing to lose but your ulcers, your unhappiness, your fear and your yearning.


You will gain your personal power, your joy, your connection and your intuitive self.


I hope to bump into you some night, running under the full moon… in the wild.


About The Author


Sibyl McLendon is 1/2 Navajo, and is a personal spiritual coach for Circle Of Grace http://www.circle-of-grace.com. Circle Of Grace is a unique blending of Native American spirituality and holistic wellness coaching. Sign up for a free coaching session! Sibyl can be contacted at sibyl@www.circle-of-grace.com




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