Be Your Own Best Friend
 by: Sibyl McLendon


What does being a "best friend" mean to you? I imagine that just about everyone is or has been a best friend to someone in their lives. I encourage you to take some time and examine what being someone's best friend really means.


Usually, a best friend is supportive of you when you need it. If they disagree with something that you are doing, they are honest about it without being judgmental with you. And, they can still be supportive of you even when they are not sure that you are right.


A best friend loves you no matter what. They are accepting of what you look like. They understand your limitations, but love you anyway. If you fail at something they are there for you, to help you pick up the pieces and try again.


A best friend never talks badly about you. They only want the best for you!


You certainly are deserving of all of this in your life.


Why not try being your own best friend? Treat yourself as well as you would treat your best friend. You would not talk badly about your best friend, so don't talk badly about or to yourself. Would you force your best friend to do something that they did not want to do? Then don't force yourself. Would you want your best friend to be in a loving, respectful relationship? Then find that for yourself. Be just as loving and kind and good to yourself as you would be to someone else that you loved.


Try sitting down and making a list of the qualities that a best friend has. Then work on applying these qualities to yourself, for yourself.


Learn to hold your own hand and be the most supportive person in your life. When you learn to be your best friend, then everything changes for the better. You are not dependant on others for your self-esteem. You are not always looking outside of yourself for your own happiness and success. When you learn to respect yourself, you also learn that you deserve only the best that life has to offer. Then, you go out and get it!


About The Author


Sibyl McLendon is a personal spiritual coach for Circle Of Grace Circle Of Grace is a unique blending of Native American spirituality and holistic wellness coaching, and has loads of free stuff for you personal growth. SIbyl is 1/2 Navajo, and lives in southwestern part of the U.S.



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