Keep on Keeping on!
 by: Rondell Demmings


Whenever we are working on our dreams we are going to run into some road blocks or obstacles. The important thing for us to remember is that these are only temporary set backs. We should treat each obstacle as a learning experience and make a mental note not to take that road again. As long as we keep this in mind we won't give up on our dreams.


While attempting to get a car that I couldn't afford but was determined to make my dream a reality I ended up having to settle for a car I didn't want for an entire year. I had to take this road to establish notability with the finance company. This didn't keep me from dreaming about the car I actually wanted, it was just a step I had to take at the time in order to get where I wanted to be.

Our dreams don't happen over night. It takes quite a bit of work on our part to make it a reality. Whenever I work on my dream I think about how a baby has to first crawl before they walk and then while they are trying to walk they fall on their butts quite a bit but this doesn't stop them from keeping on to their goal of walking.


When working on your dream you have to have the mind of a child. You have to believe that dreams do come true. Without this child like quality we are unable to have faith in ourselves. Regardless of what may happen while working on your dream you have to keep on keeping on until you have accomplished that dream.


About The Author


Rondell Demmings is President and Founder of Visions Illuminated where she is a Vision Coach. She assist individuals in not only seeing a brighter future but taking the action to make their dreams come true. Rondell has a free monthly newsletter, you can sign up for it by going to and Rondell also offers a free e-course called "Working on Your Dreams" you can sign up for this free course by sending a blank email to



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