Give a Hug for Happiness
 by: David Leonhardt


Hugs have a long and honorable tradition, going back to the day the caveman first squeezed his wife and discovered that no ketchup squeezed out. Since then, he found that his wife makes an awesome teddy bear, and he can always squeeze a rhinoceros when he wants ketchup for his hotdog (which gave him the necessary motivation to go hunting when his wife asked him to).


Hugs remain an important part of our daily happiness, but some cultures raise better huggers. For instance, North Americans exchange way too few hugs, depriving themselves of an abundant source of warmth and comfort.


So for a little motivation to increase your happiness, here are the top five reasons to hug somebody today:


  1. Save on your heating bills (good for the environment, too!).
  2. Keep your shnookums from eating that extra piece of double-fudge choco-blaster cake.
  3. Hugging sure beats crying.
  4. Love makes the world go 'round, hugs help you gather it in.
  5. The warm glow of a good hug lasts for hours.

So go forth and hug somebody. No, not the parking lot attendant. It's too cold this time of year for that. But hug someone who wants to be hugged, and see if you might just bump each of your happiness up a notch.


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