Jimmy Dean




“What one thing (person, event, belief, etc.) do you feel has been the

 primary influence in bringing you to this point in your life?”




Referred by Mr. Dean to his autobiography “Thirty Years of Sausage, Fifty Years of Ham” for his answer, the following is excerpted from the final chapter “Afterthoughts” in this book:        



            Nowhere does this book sum up my philosophy like Mom’s old saying, ‘Can’t never did anything,’ and whenever I speak on the subject of ‘I can,’ someone will invariably say, ‘That’s easy for you to say.  God gave you talent.’  Damned right, He did.  He gave each and every one of us a talent.”


            “To me, the most important quality a person can have is a belief in him or herself…”


            “If I had any advice to offer someone it would probably be my old motto for the sausage company: Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it, and try to do it a little better than you said you would.”


            And the final entry on a list of “other observations that [Jimmy] thought were worth sharing…”

            “And most importantly… God is bigger than most people think.”




Country-western music icon, singer, songwriter, TV personality, actor and entrepreneur, Jimmy Dean’s successes range from hit songs such as “Bummin’ Around” & “Big Bad John” to the hit ABC-TV “Jimmy Dean Show” and on to the creation and phenomenal success of the Jimmy Dean Meat Company (as in Jimmy Dean’s “pure pork” Sausage).


For a list of Jimmy Dean’s acting credits and TV appearances, visit:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0212818/


For a brief bio, visit: http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/dean_jimmy/bio.jhtml 

**Except that he really was born Jimmy Ray Dean in Olton, Texas… and not Seth Ward as shown in this bio.  Oh for gosh sakes, just read his book!


And as Jimmy says, “Grin once in a while… It’s good for ya!”


                                                                                                            November 29, 2005





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