Bill Anderson




“What one thing (person, event, belief, etc.) do you feel has been the

 primary influence in bringing you to this point in your life?”




            “I found a saying in a newspaper many years ago that more or less has been my motto over the years. It said: "Find something you like doing so much you'd do it for nothing. Then learn to do it so well that they'll pay you, and you've got it made."


            I love the entertainment/music business so much I would do it for nothing if I could afford to. Getting paid to do it is just the icing on the cake.


            I think I passed this philosophy along to my son as well. He had a passion from the time he was two or three years old to be an airline pilot, and I can't tell you the difficulties he has overcome in order to work in that profession, starting with the fact that he was five days away from finishing his training with a major airline when September 11th came along. He never lost sight of his dream, however, and today, after several more bumps in the road, he flies for Delta. "Passion" and "focus" are two of the most important things a young person can have.”




From information presented in his biography on his web site “Whisperin’ Bill Anderson”, Whisperin’ Bill is “One of the most awarded songwriters in the history of country music, a million selling recording artist many times over, television game show host, network soap opera star, spokesman for a nationwide restaurant chain, and a consummate onstage performer.”  Along with a pile of other accomplishments, he has been voted Songwriter Of The Year six times, Male Vocalist Of The Year and is a member of Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame and Nashville’s Country Music Hall of Fame.  Four of his compositions were named by Billboard Magazine in the top twenty country songs of the past 35 years and in 2002, BMI named Bill Anderson as its first country songwriting Icon. He has been a member of the Grand Ole Opry since 1961.


                                                                                                            February 20, 2006




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