Change Your Thoughts and Change Your Life





By Virginia M. Granger



If you are to take charge of your life, you must take charge of your thinking.


The most powerful discovery I have made the last dozen or so years is that a people can change the circumstances of their lives by changing their thoughts and attitudes.  In fact, our thoughts have a lot to do with the way we age.  Think old and you will be old.  I had no idea that my circumstances had anything to do with my thinking.  I blamed people, fate, the stars, genetics, the devil.  I even blamed God.


In my mind, I projected failure and disappointment.  I was suspicious of people, and afraid of the future.


Then I began to change my thoughts, and to talk to myself in a different way.  My life has changed dramatically.


This takes self-discipline, because we are bombarded with negative, fearful thoughts from nearly every mouth that opens, and from almost everything we read and hear in the media.  Some so-called experts predict lack, shortages and limitations.


“But I’m not a negative thinker”, you may say.  “Why is my life as it is?”


Let me ask this.  What do you think about yourself?  Do you make disparaging remarks about yourself?  Do you hate growing old?  Are you inclined to say vicious, cruel and critical things about other people?


Until you change your thinking about yourself, other people and life in general, you won’t affect any permanent positive changes.


Our thoughts have an electromagnetic force which set up vibrations in the ether, and though we cannot see our thoughts, they are more powerful than the things we see.


You have absolute control over one thing only, and that is your thoughts.  If you fail to control your own mind you won’t be successful in controlling anything else.  Someone else will take control of your mind, and emotions, as well as your life.


How do you change your thinking?  It is no mystery and it is not complicated.  Here are a few simple, practical techniques and strategies.


1. Guard your tongue against any word from passing your lips that limits or belittles you.


2. Monitor your thoughts.  When you have a negative and fearful thought, say: “Cancel, cancel,” or “Stop!”


3. Replace the negative thought immediately with a positive one.


Otherwise, the negative thought will hover around awaiting a chance to return to its dwelling place in your subconscious mind where it has been so comfortable all these years.


4. Stop complaining about the way your life is now, and think about and write down the way you want it to be.


5. Take responsibility for what you think and feel.  Stop saying others make you think and act the way you do.


This is not just theory.  It works.  It requires a burning desire to change your life, and a lot of self-discipline and persistence.  Stay with it one day at a time until the new habit of thought is established.


Remember: Your life has to change when you change your thinking!



*This article was originally published in “Arizona Senior World” in November of 1992.  At the time, Ms Granger was 76 years old and actively presenting speeches and seminars on personal development.  Well done, Virginia…!




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