You Can Do It



             Thoughts and dreams, holding on tight,

             No matter how hard, don’t give up the fight.


             The tears start to fall with pressure and pain,

             Keep pressing on and get rid of that shame.


             Smile for you and keep yourself strong,

             Things will work out, you’re not always wrong.


             Wipe those eyes and pick up your head,

             The world’s still turning and you are not dead.


             Believe in your heart, keep your spirits alive,

             Don’t doubt yourself, you will survive.


             You are loved even if you don’t see,

             Keep your personality, that is the key.


             Be yourself, do what you do,

             Maybe people will get the clue.


             Ignore those put-downs no matter how hard,

             Forgive your enemies, send them a card.


             Encourage others, be a good friend,

             In doing good things, there is no end.


             Things can go wrong and make you feel low,

             It’s good not to dwell, you can let it go.


             Say you can do it and not that you can’t,

             You could be famous and people could chant.


             You could go to the moon and fly past the stars,

             You could get your famous name driving race cars.


             You could act on a stage or do ballet,

             You could be a mother to say “It will be OK”.


             You could fight fires or work in a zoo,

             You can follow your dreams, it’s all up to you.


             Pain and fear is all part of life every day,

             You can do it if you want and you say.


             Every problem will pass, keep holding on,

             The scars from the past will soon be gone.


             Love who you are and keep your chin up,

             One day you will really know the meaning

                        of a golden prize cup.



                   Kylie Peterson – Age 15


            Copyright 2005 by Kylie Peterson

               Published with special permission of the author




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