Have You Seen My Boss?
 by: Skye Thomas


I work for a huge organization and have never met the guy in charge. Rumor has it, that there might not be one single person in charge, but a committee of talented and caring individuals. Great, I donít even know for sure who Iím ultimately working for.


Iíve heard it said that Iím not alone. Apparently thereís an enormous amount of staff all doing various assignments, some in management, some in communications, some in marketing and advertising, some in product development, and quite a few new recruits who really have no idea what theyíre going to be doing. I work alone in my little cubical without much interaction with my coworkers. Iím not really sure why that is, but from what Iím told, my work is done best without the distraction of others. Oh well, I think I would like to have coworkers around to distract me, but what do I know? I know Iíve gone through extensive training and am getting pretty good at my job. Iím starting to feel comfortable here. I like my work. From what Iíve read in the company newsletters, memos, and emails, other people are being trained together in groups, and quite a few are cross-training in and out of each others departments.


A lot of us have children and weíre encouraged to bring them to work with us. My three seem to dart in and out of my work area on a regular basis. They show up a lot in my work. Sometimes they help me and other times they would rather just play at being kids. Since my boss doesnít seem to mind if they are here or not, I just sort of let them come and go in and out of my work as much as they like. I wonder if theyíll end up working here too. I really want for them to love their jobs like I do, and I encourage them to be whatever they want when they grow up. However, if I was completely honest, Iíd love it if theyíd follow in my footsteps and come do this with me.


Iíve also noticed that the company really supports coworkers dating each other and will usually set up husband and wife teams to work together on projects. I think thatís really cool. I look forward to some day working side by side with a partner. I havenít really dated anyone from this company yet. I think that most of my coworkers seem pretty nice and it might be the one place where itís safe to date your coworkers, but Iím just not sure yet.


The schedule is really great. I get to make my own hours especially because of working around my kidsí schedule. My boss is very understanding of the fact that weíre all parents, sisters, brothers, sons, and daughters. Itís the most family friendly company Iíve ever worked for. We are all allowed flextime, job sharing, and as much parental leave as you could ever dream of. Itís not that we donít have deadlines and really important time tables, itís just that thereís always someone else who can pick up and run with your project if you need to stop and focus on something else for a bit. When you come back to work, you may be reassigned to another project if youíve been gone too long and the original project was in jeopardy of not being completed on time, but nobody gets mad at you for it and everyone seems really happy to pitch in wherever needed. You can work as much or as little as you like and youíre free to work from home too.


You do get called into meetings but everyoneís pretty straight up and they let you argue the point if you donít like the assignment handed out to you. The management will explain their reasoning for just about everything. The only thing I canít get them to tell me is who is the big boss in charge of this whole operation. While in the meetings, they really make you feel like youíre a valuable member of the company. I always come away from the meetings feeling really inspired and ready to take on the world! I usually forget all about trying to figure out who the boss is because I feel so good about working for such a great organization.


The pay scale is nothing like anywhere else Iíve ever worked. They say that we can pick our own salary just so long as we really believe that weíre worthy of it. Apparently, if you try to bluff and say youíre worth more than you really think you are, then they find out and reduce your pay check to match what you secretly think is your value. Iím not always sure how they do that part, but it does seem to work. There have been times when Iíve told myself I was worth more and then didnít get the raise in pay. Later upon retrospect, I realized that they were right and I was just saying that to try to convince myself. They do however guarantee you a minimum wage that is enough to cover all of your basic needs. You never go hungry and if you want a roof over your head, then one will be provided. Compensation is really up to you after the basics are met. You determine how much work youíre going to do for them, how much itís worth, and the value you put on it is the amount youíll collect.


I must confess that I donít even know the name of the company I work for. Iíve heard us called Lightworkers, Hippies, Christians, Buddhists, New Age, Pagans, Mind-Body-Spirit types, psychics, channels, freaks, dreamers, Starseeds, aliens, angels, and the enlightened ones. Iíve also heard that we work for God, Spirit, aliens, angels, the Collective Unconsciousness, and Mother Earth. I love my job and this organization. Iím so glad they recruited me.


Copyright 2003, Skye Thomas, Tomorrowís Edge


About The Author


Skye Thomas began writing books and articles with an everyday practical approach to spirituality, motivation, and inspiration in 1999 after twenty years of studying spirituality, metaphysics, motivation, and parenting. More of her articles can be found at www.tomorrowsedge.net as well as free previews of her books.




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