When Things Happen Without Reason
 by: Selena Richardson


Sometimes things happen in life for apparently no reason at all. You think that there isn't any reason for something to happen until after the fact when that something has changed your life or pointed you into a new direction.


Two seemingly totally opposite things can happen to you one day but they have a certain affect on you. Let's say you get this idea to do something, like read a certain book you keep putting off. The idea pops in and out of your head and you dismiss it. The usual 'I'll do it later' routine.


During the day while working, someone casually mentions that book, talking about how much it helped them in their situation and so on and so on. You dismiss it again because of course you'll read it at another time.


A few days later, you're at a doctor's appointment and you're flipping through a magazine. You see a review for the same book. By now you should be thinking either you're crazy or somebody's trying to give you a big hint.


That's the point when you should take the hint and read the book. That's how life works. Intuition hits - you get an inspiration or an idea to do something and you get bombarded left and right with all of these situations that don't seem like they have any similarity. Until you take a closer look and then you see. If you look hard enough at each situation it's like putting the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. If you fit each piece in the right place you finally get the picture.


Let's say that you want to buy a computer program. It's a really good program that you need to help run your business. The only problem is that it costs $200 and you don't have that money right now to pay for it. So you put it on your to do list for a couple months down the road when you can fit it in your budget.


You go through your day to day routine and guess what? You get an email from a discussion list answering someone else's question about the same program. As you read it you realize that it's from the maker of the program. And here's the kicker - there's a new special 30 day trial download of the program.


So you think coincidence. I say not! You go to the website to download the program and it's a 60 day trial instead of 30 days. Now you're probably dumbfounded by now because you just told yourself that morning you would have to wait a couple months to buy it. Except now you can use the program for free for a couple of months and then buy it. Now if you still aren't convinced of synchronistic events then let me say this - every single thing happens for a reason.


Look back on some of your past experiences in life. I am sure that there were several times where things happened to you for no apparent reason at all. These events either led to other events or were major turning points in your life that didn't match up anywhere else. They didn't seem to fit in to what you were doing at the time. But looking back, they fit in perfectly. It's just that you couldn't see it at the time.


When things happen without any obvious reason, remember that there's something you need to pay attention to. There's always a reason, it's just that you can't see it while it's happening. There's an unseen force that's always pointing you in the right direction whether you notice it or not. And those unreal experiences, those strange synchronicities - things happening by 'chance' are usually a push in the direction you want (or didn't know you wanted) to go. Just follow the flow and say thanks - whether it's a computer program that you get to try out for free or it's a book you've been putting off reading.


About The Author


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