Into the Mystic

By Bret Burquest


Somewhere around 2,500 years ago, a fellow named Plato wrote 'The Myth of Er."


Er was slain in battle. His body was laid to rest on a funeral pyre, a pile of material to later be burned. Twelve days later, he came back to life.


Upon revival, Er spoke of his experience in the afterlife. His soul had left his body and was greeted by a group of other souls. Then he traveled with the group through a series of passageways into another realm. 


Er was now in a gateway domain where individual souls were being judged by divine beings who were able to perceive everything the souls had done while in their carnal (earthly) dimension.


But Er was not judged. He was told it was not yet his time to enter the heavenly realm and that he must return to his body to inform the rest of the carnal word what was beyond their physical reality.


Having returned, Er told those present about witnessing the heroes of legend making choices for future lives.


Although considered to be a mythological tale, Plato was describing the phenomenon of "near death experience." And by the planning of future lives, he was also introducing an aspect of reincarnation.


In modern terms a near death experience (NDE) occurs when a person is clinically dead for a period of time and then brought back to life, sometimes through resuscitation and sometimes by natural circumstances.


People who have experienced an NDE generally have a similar experience and go through the same steps.


1) A sense of being dead, plus an overall feeling of tranquility and love.

2) The sensation of floating upward out of their physical body and witnessing what is taking place below.

3) Passing through a tunnel or narrow passageway.

4) Being greeted by deceased friends and relatives, as well as highly spiritual beings.

5) Encountering a divine bright light and being beckoned (welcomed) by it.

6) Going through a review of their entire life and comprehending how their actions affected others.

7) When told they were to return to their carnal body, they did so reluctantly.

8) After returning to their earthly existence, they had a new perspective on life and no longer feared death.


According to a recent Gallup Poll, approximately eight million Americans claim to have had an NDE.


If there's another realm of existence beyond our earthly presence, perhaps there's some way to explore it.


Dr. Michael Newton, among others, has done just that. Dr. Newton, Ph.D., holds a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and is a certified master hypnotherapist. Some of his published works include "Destiny of Souls," "Life Between Lives" and "Journey of Souls." He specializes in explaining our immortal life in the spirit world.


While most of those who explore such things concentrate on hypnotically regressing people into past lives, Dr. Newton narrows in on the state of being between lives within a higher spiritual (ethereal) domain.


Based on over 7,000 hypnotic regressions of people into the life between lives region, Dr. Newton has documented a spiritual dimension consistent with near death experiences, but much more profound.


The descriptions of this realm have been highly consistent among the participants with a few minor individual differences.


1) The journey into this spiritual dimension begins by meeting one's spirit guide and soul group.

2) One then meets with a council of wise, elevated souls familiar with one's soul journey.

3) Universally reported by all participants is the selection of a future life (on an earthly plane of existence).

4) The selection of a future life is based on the uniqueness of the individual soul's journey.

5) This spirit realm is one of love, kindness and compassion, as well as order, planning and direction.

6) Souls are multi-dimensional. Soul energy is in the human body while the true soul remains active in the realm.


Life on this earth is full of pain, suffering and injustice. It's a plane of existence to cleanse our immortal souls.


When we enter the Great Beyond, we enter a glorious sphere of love and compassion.


Some might even call it heaven.


* * *


Bret Burquest is an award-winning columnist and author of four novels. Contact




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