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Are you ‘Fit for Love’?

Get the definitive scoop on relationships: why they go wrong and how to fix them


Fit for Love—find your self and your perfect mate, by Olga Sheean, is a new book that is rapidly creating breakthroughs in people’s lives.


A practical, metaphysical guide to discovering, healing and empowering yourself—while enhancing your relationship or creating the ideal partner, job or whatever else you might want in life. Fit for Love goes to the core of what relationships are about, explaining their very specific role in showing you what is missing within yourself and helping you to become all that you can be.   


The book is based on techniques that Sheean developed in her private practice as a relationship coach and therapist. “I believe that relationships serve to show us what is missing within ourselves,” she says, “and that we attract very specific dynamics and situations in order to discover what that is. No relationship is ever random, whatever the circumstances. Each one has a very specific purpose, at a very specific time, in our personal evolution.”


With exercises, tips and full-colour illustrations that make it fun and easy to read, Fit for Love enables you to literally transform yourself and your relationships—from the inside out.


John Kehoe (author of Mind Power into the 21st Century), sees it as “A practical and insightful book that reveals how our relationships are powerful pathways to self-realization and personal fulfilment,” and Michael Bradford (British workshop leader, life mastery coach and author of Soul Empowerment and Hands-on Spiritual Healing), who calls it “A road map for creating successful, healthy, loving relationships.” He adds, “I only wish I had read it 45 years ago. Read this book before going out on any more dates! Fit for Love creates breakthroughs in all areas of your life.”


“It’s wonderful to see how the book not only transforms people’s relationships but also their beliefs about how life actually works and their ability to literally make magic happen,” says Sheean. “The overriding message is that we have the power to create whatever we want, once we become aware of certain subconscious ‘drivers’ in our lives that determine how we act, how successful we are, how much love we can allow in and how authentic and powerful we can be. The principles hold true for everyone—no matter how dysfunctional or hopeless they might consider themselves to be.”


Fit for Love—find your self and your perfect mate is available via Olga Sheean’s website (  and bookstores.


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