If you’re looking for self-help, self improvement and personal growth resources of all types, is a good place to start.  It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.


Are you ‘Fit for Love’?  Get the definitive scoop on relationships: why they go wrong and how to fix them.  Fit for Love—find your self and your perfect mate, by Olga Sheean, is a new book that is rapidly creating breakthroughs in people’s lives.

A practical, metaphysical guide to discovering, healing and empowering yourself—while enhancing your relationship or creating the ideal partner, job or whatever else you might want in life. Fit for Love goes to the core of what relationships are about, explaining their very specific role in showing you what is missing within yourself and helping you to become all that you can be. Fit for Love—find your self and your perfect mate is available via Olga Sheean’s website ( ) and bookstores.


Finding Happiness and Self-actualization A treasure chest of self-actualization tools to help you find happiness.  “The self-actualization tips filling this website ( are your tools to help create true happiness from within.”


To access a variety of “personality quizzes” and take a step into some New Age concepts, you might enjoy The ABC’s of Personal Growth.


Psych Central has been around for a long time (in Internet time measurements, that is…) and offers a good selection of psychological and mental health information and links.


For tools for personal growth and transformation of body, mind and spirit - to free us of the shackles of the past by re-awakening awareness of our true identity in the present, take a look at Tools for Transformation. Includes the free online book “Transforming the Mind” and many other resources.


Personal Growth Planet-- Offers personal growth tips, self improvement strategies, self help tools and self development plans for creating the life you really want from relationship and life success coaches Susie and Otto Collins. is a holistic, spiritual and self-improvement resource for education, entertainment and empowerment. Find articles, interviews, links and a weekly online magazine on everything from Acupuncture to Zen. 




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