Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t always require a rainstorm to create a rainbow.  In fact, life’s rainbows can pop up any time, anywhere with little or no warning.  And quite often, if we’re paying close attention, we may just be able to spot a little pot of gold that will be ours to keep… forever.



Testimonial (12/2/03)


I just received a pluthera of Blogs in my e-mail [from Gene]. Due to technical difficulty, I have been “blogless” for a long time. After reading each one, I was compelled to share the effect on me.


HOLY COW! I’m so excited and energetic! If you gave me a blog test right now, I would probably pass, but my brain feels full. Maybe I should take a nap first. Nah….


I was fortunate enough to be blogged my whole life without me knowing. Over the past 15 years, I was able to nurture and practice a positive, impacting lifestyle. Like Gene said, it’s similar to your signature now versus your first try. It becomes habit-forming and a way of life. So what the heck do I do with this great information now that it’s imbedded in my noggin? I practice what I preach.


Everyday, I try to gently reshape my thinking and others’ thinking. For example, when I hear a teenager say, “Man, that chick is ugly” or “Dude, this kid in my class stinks” I ALWAYS come back and reply, “She is probably a very nice person” or “He is probably a very nice person”. Now, the teenager repeats my phrase after he criticizes someone. “I know… they’re probably a really nice person” while trying to use my vocal tone. Hey, I don’t care if he mocks me, something is being drilled into his teenaged brain and sticking! Why do I say this? I believe that while WE are reading Gene’s messages and learning new life-changing approaches, why don’t we start with our little ones that we live with each day. Yep, my daughter is only 5 and is an ever-evolving GOOD person. Starting implementation of positive thinking and impact at infancy will make a parent’s life easier as well as that child’s future. Although she is 5 and has normal tendencies of a child, she is NOT too young to start practicing a positive lifestyle, life without guilt, not judging others for their appearance, loving and talking to her own God, and creating a magnetic environment of good people around her. No yelling is needed, no negativity is around and she loves life. So, I’m blogging her (while she is blogging me). Can you imagine this wonderful world in another 20 years when more blogged children are in the work force and starting families of their own? Of course it’s not too late for us bull-headed adults, but why wait on future generations to “get it”? I’m starting now!


I am living proof that the messages and lessons from the Nupathz website and the Blogs really work. My life is MUCH more enjoyable. Who am I and what do I do to be able to give a testimony? I am me. I crack myself up. I wear whatever I want. I have been corporate, I have been serving fries at a fast-food restaurant, I have been a preschool teacher, I have been a professor, I have written a book with Cardiologists, I am a bass guitar player, I am a hockey player, I have held a beating heart in the palm of my hand in the operating room, I have traveled all over, etc., etc., etc. NONE of that matters but ALL of that taught me stuff and I met a ton of great people. I am more grateful to those in my life who continue to lead me and teach me. I’ve received the snap from the Center, now I’m a quarterback handing off the football to the next running back. Are you playing, too?


Simply, I am a student and a teacher on Earth. Who are you?


P.S. – Don’t forget to teach your kids!!!


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