Check out this referenced collection of trivia, useless facts and other fun, stupid or just plain weird stuff related to things you’ve been wondering about at Fairly Useless Facts!  Just click on:


For a super selection of humor and strange stuff, I’d recommend taking a few sips – or even giant gulps – from the Sips from the Dribble Glass of Life.  Lots of categories to choose from.


For a great collection of optical illusions and visual phenomena, click on:


Clickmazes offers a great selection of unique interactive puzzles and mazes.  Just go to:


Want to get to the bottom of the urban legends to find out what is true and what isn’t?  The Urban Legends Reference Pages will give you all the info you ever wanted.


If you’re just killing time and want a look at some of the weird stuff that’s out there on the web (that’s with the exception of this site of course…), don’t forget about The Worst of the Web!


For a look at some really ridiculous – and pretty creative – patented inventions, take a look at Totally Absurd Inventions.


If you’re in a mood to validate that truth (or at least the stuff that’s printed in newspapers) is stranger than fiction, Chuck Shepherd’s News of the Weird is worth checking out.


Guinness World Records is alive and well at:


For those of you old enough to remember the days before television when we hunkered around the radio to listen to our favorite programs, you’ll probably enjoy at, of course:


To flip your nostalgia button to the ON position, you might try heading toward  They cover the fads from the ‘20’s through the 90’s.


If you like or frequently use quotes, is a good place to visit.


To help put our existence into a slightly different perspective, think about taking a look “out there” via The Hubble Space Telescope Project.


Billing itself as “The Online Knowledge Magazine”, presents info on some stupid stuff (like facts, news, people, pictures, etc.) – and some things that are pretty informative.


If you’ve ever really, really had an overwhelming desire to know the scientific designation for a specific fear, take look at The Phobia List.  Then you too, will be able to use “phobophobia” knowledgeably in your daily conversations (unless you’re afraid to, that is…).


Wondering where to go on your next vacation?  Roadside America is your “official” online guide to offbeat tourist attractions.


For another look at our world and others, you might want to check in occasionally with NASA at:


For those of you who are just getting into the surfing mode, offers 23 channels on over 50,000 subjects and over a million links to just about anywhere you’d like to go on the Web.


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