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Some Things I Learned Very Young Growing Up on the Farm

Monday, October 28th, 2013



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Baby chicks smell good and feel funny when they walk on your hand.


Caterpillars don’t taste very good.  Box Elder bugs either…


If something tastes bad, spit it out.  Unless it’s spinach, then you have to eat it anyway.


Freshly mowed alfalfa smells really good.  Sweet clover in bloom does too.


Frogs can make a lot of noise at night.


Wasps can sting you more than once.


Animals and birds make more animals and birds by humping.  People too.


Dried cow patties can fly – sort of like a pie tin.  (This was before Frisbees…)


Dried corn silk doesn’t make a very good cigarette.


Hay mows (that’s pronounced like the “ou” in ouch… not like “oh”) are a great place to hang out with the neighbor girl.  OK, city slickers – a hay mow is the area on the upper floor of the barn where you store… yep, hay…


You can swim in the irrigation ditch.  (Irrigation ditch – a medium-sized ditch that is used to transport water from a lake or reservoir to farmers many miles away.)


Skinny dipping feels funny.


Ditch water tastes really bad.  (Think cows upstream…)


Hens can peck really hard when you’re trying to reach under them to gather their eggs.


Throwing eggs down a cistern (a place where water is stored) will make your Dad really mad.


You can kill a chicken with an BB gun.


Chickens are stupid.