Backin’ Off to Move Ahead



I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I think we’ve done it to ourselves.  In spite of all of the technological advancements, cool gadgets and labor-saving devices that are supposed to make our life easier, I think we’re losing ground.  You say that doesn’t make any sense at all?  Why, look at how far mankind has come in just the last hundred years or so.  Look at all of the advances in electronics, medicine, transportation and entertainment.  Look at all of the wonderful products available in our department stores and supermarkets.  And if you can’t find it in the stores, for dang sure it’ll be on-line.  If you want “it” – “it” is out there.  We can find ANYTHING we want!  Life is really, really good!


Or is it really?  Is life as good as we think it is – or have we just filled it with so many gadgets and activities that we’ve fooled ourselves into believing it’s good?  Is there a remote possibility that we’re missing something?  Something that could help make our lives a lot easier and a heck of a lot more enjoyable?


It sure looks like it to me.


Let’s take a step back for just a minute to look at the big picture.  As I’m writing this, the world population is estimated to be 6,461,324,336 – plus or minus a half dozen or so.  We’re closing in on the 6.5 billion mark.  Impressive, huh?  Sort of scary too, when you get right down to it.  6.5 billion people trying to survive in whatever situation they find themselves in.  6.5 billion folks working, laughing, crying, reproducing and doing any of the other zillion things that we humans do.


What a large segment of that huge glob of people are unfortunately not doing however, is “tuning in”.  And no, I’m not talking about selecting any one of half a zillion TV channels or radio stations.  I’m talking about really tuning in to whatever the heck that “bigger thing” is that we’re all a part of.  Call it Universal Consciousness, our Spiritual Selves, the Big Picture, the Grand Scheme of Things, or whatever you want.  It’s that incomprehensible, mysterious something that binds us all together and provides a basic purpose for our existence in the first place.


Yes, I know.  Many of us do faithfully observe the traditions and rituals of our chosen religion.  And many of us at least are making an attempt at some type of communications through our prayers and meditation.  This is all very, very good.  What I’m referring to here though is taking it to the next level.  To the point where we are receptive to – and comfortable with – the concept of an active involvement of the Great Beyond in our daily lives to include a flow of information and insights that we can use to enhance our quality of life.


It’s not that we humans have never had this connection.  It’s existed for eons and some of the more astute groups have from time to time, been able to “tune in” and seriously benefit from this relationship with that mysterious unknown.  And yes, if you’ll look around just a bit, you’ll find scattered groups and individuals who are still capable of using their spiritual connections to benefit others – and in the process benefit themselves.


Most of us however, are operating in a “cruise” mode.  We tend to over-focus on the superficial and the stuff (material things) and business of the activities of our everyday lives.  I think it could benefit every one of us if we would take a little time to “back off” – to step away from the turmoil and pressures of our day-to-day lives to think about who (and what) we are and see if we can learn a little more about our individual, personal role in this Cosmic Production that we’re all a part of.  To use whatever techniques we’re most comfortable with – prayer, meditation, quiet thinking time – to really, really tune in to our “bigger selves” and our innate connection with The System.  To learn to listen more closely to our special intuitive thoughts and feelings – and know that we can trust them to lead us down a better path.


We’re special creations – you and I.  I think we’ve forgotten just how special we really are…



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