A Letter to All Politicians




The following is prompted of course, by the current (2006) political campaign and other events in the political arena.  Yucccckkkkk!!!






I think you should know that I’m not very happy about some of the things that are happening in your political world.  Here’s what bothers me:



1. Your campaigns for office are commonly focused on belittling your opponent or your opponent’s party.  I know this has proven to be an effective technique but I think you need to realize that when you gain office by using this approach you haven’t really “won”.  You’ve simply been successful in manipulating your constituents into providing you with the most votes.



2. During your campaign, be honest with me.  I don’t want to hear all those things you think I want to hear – the things you feel will get my vote or the things you think you need to say to gain stature in your party.  I really want to know what YOU are thinking and how you really feel about the different issues.  Let me make up my own mind from there.



3. Please don’t make promises you can’t keep.  When you say “I will” do this or that if elected, you know in your heart that you might not be able to.   Wouldn’t it be more honest to say “I’ll try”?  I’m much more likely to vote for someone who has a track record of honesty and sincerity.



4. Even though our two-party system overall provides our country with many benefits, there are times it is inefficient and an obstacle in the path of progress.  Sometimes it may be in the country’s best interests to deviate from party lines when casting your vote.  Please feel free to voice your honest opinions and vote accordingly.  It would be better for all of us.



5. I understand that a little “pork” now and then can be useful and can actually help a segment of our society that could use a boost.  I may never know if you are acquiring these funds in an effort to sincerely help your constituents – or as a way to assure your re-election.  But you will know, won’t you?  Please try to watch our money more carefully.



6. Try not to be too heavily influenced by the lobbyists.  You know why they do the things they do.  They may not always have our country’s best interests in mind.  Follow your own good conscience.



7. Keep me updated on your accomplishments – not just at election time but at least twice a year.  If you have a legislative office, I want to hear about the legislation you’ve introduced, how you’ve voted on the different issues – and I want to hear WHY you voted the way you did.  There is a lot I don’t understand about your job.  Help me become smarter.  Help me better understand your thought processes and decisions.



8. Above all, be honest and straightforward with me.  Try to do the very best job you can for all of us.  I may not always completely agree with everything you say or do but at least I’ll understand that you really do care and that you are working hard to the right thing for those you represent.  That’s important to everyone.



Just to be fair, some of you are doing a great job.  Others of you need to make a few improvements – or seriously consider a different line of work.  You know who you are…




Gene Simmons



PS – Remember that you are always in the spotlight.  If you are doing something you really shouldn’t be doing, sooner or later we all WILL know about it. 





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